Foreword: Dispensational Goal for the Book:

The goal of this book is to draw dispensational teachers together in order to send a clear message as to the dispensational teaching of Scripture. Hopefully drawing  together dispensational teachers and their teachings, giving the correct understanding of scripture for laymen and laywomen, providing a clear understanding of God’s truth so one can make correct decisions of faith and sanctification from a dispensational approach. Biblical understanding will give needed accuracy, opening the eyes, and giving answers why covenant theologians with their replacement Theological teachings have erred.

The end results will bring the symmetry and unity of the Bible together, bringing many individuals to a saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus in this time of history. The intellectual is observing Bible teachers and looking for a clear exposition of Scripture, challenging believers to be consistent and accurate in their teaching. There will be some who will come to the understanding of the symmetry of God’s word from a dispensational view and accept it, and even after reading, others will reject God's truths and the dispensational teaching because of the darkness of their heart. Hopefully, even those who reject the truth will have a correct knowledge of God’s Word in their rejection.

The believers on the other hand will see the symmetry of God’s Word revealing His working down through history giving a clear, consistent and accurate understanding of the progressive truths of Scripture. With the understanding of the dispensations of Scripture, it will be like coming from behind a dark curtain into the room and seeing the whole picture in the light of faith which they have been living, and their need to adjust personal living so they can live to the glory of God. The secondary goal which comes from understanding the dispensations will be an understanding of prophecies, the church called His Body, the future of Israel as a Nation, and for individual Jewish people accepting their need of salvation today and their acceptance of Jesus the Messiah, the Lord God our Savior. Clarifying to the Jewish man or woman, today of their future hope, either to be raptured or experience events after the Rapture of the Body of Christ.

Hopefully there will be an understanding of the seven dispensations and their seven Keys or Principles common to each dispensation and the relationship to the covenants. I hoped to be able to show how covenants and dispensations work together in God's progressive working with humanity to bring them to salvation through the Redemptive Covenant which runs from eternity passed to eternity future.

The salvation of man comes from God's mercy and grace working through trust and faith on humanities part. God's gift and working of salvation was accomplished through the Lord Jesus Christ, fully provided by Him alone and given as a gift to humanity for deliverance from personal depravity and sin, Romans 5; 6:23; Titus 3:5; Ephesians 2:8-9.


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Theodore D Pestor/ President/Pastor THB

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