Dispensational Understanding.
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A Laybelievers Dispensational Theology


Book Forward

Chapter 1, The Seven Dispensations in God's Plan, Revealed in the Bible

a. PDF Chart 01 The Seven Dispensations
b. Explanation of the Seven Dispensations
c. The Seven Dispensations in Scripture

Chapter 2, Dispensational Theology, Understanding and the Importance

a. PDF Chart 02 Full Chart View of Design
b. Understanding Dispensations, the Importance of Dispensational Theology

Chapter 3, The Major Covenants and the Dispensations

a. PDF Chart 03 Time of Covenants
b. Explanation of the Time of Covenants
Chapter 3 Dispensation is not a covenant

Chapter 4, The Redemptive Covenant, and the relationship to Dispensations

a. PDF Chart 04 The Redemptive Covenant's Historical Development-
b. Explanation of the Redemptive Covenant's Development
c. Covenants and their relationship to dispensations found in Scripture

d. The Redemption of Mankind and the Covenants,

Chapter 5, The Seven Principles or Keys in the understanding and operation of a Dispensation

a. PDF Chart 05 The Seven Principles or Keys to a Dispensation
Explanation of the Seven Principles of a Dispensation
c. The Seven Guiding Principles or Keys which unlock the understanding to the 7 Biblical Dispensations

Chapter 6, First Principle Rule, number one, the Universal rules, and Universal moral Truths of God, and His Creation

a. PDF Chart none
b. Key or Rule1 Universal rules and Moral Principles

Chapter 7, Principle Rule two, the Modified Rules that Change from the former Dispensation

a. PDF Chart none
b. Key or Rule 2 Modified Rules which Change from the former dispensation

Chapter 8, Principle Rule Three, New Rules of Operation that "Govern" a New Dispensation

a. PDF Chart none
b. Key or Rule 3 Rules which "Govern" a new Dispensation's operation

Chapter 9, Principle Rule Four, the Institution of Stewardship of a Dispensation

a. PDF Chart 09 The Stewardship Institution
b.Key or Rule 4 Explanation of God's institutional Stewardship

Chapter 10, Principle Rule Five, Humanities Failure in a Dispensation

a. PDF Chart 10 The Failures of Humanity
b. Key or Rule 5 Man's Failure and sin in each Dispensation

Chapter 11, Principle Rule Six, Transitions between each Dispensation

a. PDF Chart 11 The Transitions of a Dispensation
b. The 6th key-Transition of the Dispensations
d. PDF Chart 29 Transitions the Old Dispensation is Decreasing while the New Dispensation is Increasing

Chapter 12, Principle Rule Seven, the Irreversible Punitive Judgment of each Dispensation

a. PDF Chart 12 Rule-Truths and Principles
Key Principle Rule 7 - Explanation of the Judgments of the Dispensations
c. Salvation message of the Dispensations

Chapter 13, The Dispensation of Innocence,

a. Dispensation of Innocence
b. PDF Chart 14 The Days of Creation, the Dispensation of Innocence
c. PDF Chart 13 The Dispensation of Innocence and Humanities Fellowship and Stewardship

Chapter 14, The Dispensation of Conscience,

a. Dispensation of Conscience
b. PDF Chart 15 The Dispensation of Conscience the 7 Principles of the Dispensation at Work
c. PDF Chart 16 The Dispensation of Conscience and the Laws brought on by the Fall

Chapter 15, The Dispensation of Human Government,

a. Dispensation of Human Government
b. PDF Chart 17 The Dispensation of Human Government

Chapter 16, The Dispensation of Promise,

a. Dispensation of Promise
b. PDF Chart 18 The Dispensation of Promise
c. PDF Chart 19 The Main Events in the Dispensation of Promise
d. PDF Chart 20 The Covenant Promise to Abraham and Sarah-The Dispensation of Promise
e. PDF Chart 21 Abraham's Children and Wives-The Dispensation of Promise
f. PDF Chart 22 The Dispensation of Promise-the Seven 7 Keys or Principles
g. Prophets Prediction of Israel's Future,

Chapter 17, The Dispensation of Grace,

a. Dispensation of Grace
b. PDF Chart 23 The Dispensation of Grace
c. PDF Chart 24 The Dispensation of Grace and the 7 Keys or principles
d. Dispensation of Grace, Equality, or Mystery
e. Rapture, Christ's coming in the clouds
f. Baptism,
g. Speaking in Tonges - Is tongues for today's dispensation,
h. The Dispensations without today's dispensation
i. A parentheses or interval or overlay or insertion of the pending period of time for Israel

Chapter 18, The Tribulation Period, God's reestablishing the Nation of Israel's Stewardship,

a. Seven Year Tribulation Period - Judgment of World and two dispensations
b. PDF Chart 25 The Coming Tribulation Period the Punitive Judgment
c. PDF Chart a through j The 12 Elders before the Throne of God
d. PDF Chart a. Revelation 4:1- 8 The 12 Elders around the Throne of God
e. PDF Chart b. Revelation 4:8 -11 The 12 Elders falling down worshiping around Throne of God
f. PDF Chart c. Revelation 5:1- 5 The Right Hand coming from Throne of God
g. PDF Chart d. Revelation 5:6 - 14 A Lamb who looked like He had been Slain
h. PDF Chart e. Revelation 5:11-14 A Lamb and Angels, numbering thousands
i. PDF Chart f. Revelation 7:9 -11 Great multitude before the Lamb, who came out of the Great Tribulation
j. PDF Chart g. Revelation 7:11-17 Great multitude bowing before the Lamb, the Great Tribulation
k. PDF Chart h. Revelation 11:15 -19 The 12 Elders falling down with great worshiping around Throne of God
l. PDF Chart i. Revelation 14:1-13 The Lamb, Mount Zion, 144,000, 12 Elders, 4 Creatures
m. PDF Chart j. Revelation 19:4 - 9 Last mention of 12 Elders end of Tribulation
n. Revelation

Chapter 19, The Dispensation of the Kingdom,

a. Dispensation of the Kingdom
b. PDF Chart 27,The Dispensation of the Kingdom
c. Dispensation of the Kingdom
d. Eternal Punitive Judgment - The Lake of Fire and Hell

Chapter 20, The Dispensation of the Fullness of Time,

a. Dispensation of the Fullness of Time, or Eternity
b. PDF Chart 28, The Dispensation of the Fullness of Time

Chapter 21

a. Interaction with believers over the years on Dispensations,

Chapter 22

a. Authors of dispensational studies and their books,


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