Chapter 12b

The key or guiding principle, number seven of a dispensation is the Irreversible Punitive Judgment from God, and the climax with His direct Hand.
The climax of these judgments are from God, some directly, and the others by using the instruments of man or nature. These judgments are more than disciplinary actions, these judgments are permanent, final, and punitive actions from God, which brings the final change about, and advances revelation to a new dispensation in God's plan. .

All seven Keys or guiding principles are common within all dispensations that shows the changing, and without all seven principles operating within a dispensation it does not change. The principles move in a circular pattern, first you have the universal rule of God, modified rules, and new rule for the dispensation, followed by His chose for the stewardship of the dispensation, and then comes the final failure with God's long-suffering coming to it end, followed by the transition, ending with the irreversible punitive judgment, when all seven fulfill their purpose the cycle repeats itself.

Key seven is the final key ending a dispensation. The events of the punitive judgment, brings the dispensation to a close, and the new one takes full operation, and all that is left is a residue of the old dispensation until it disappears. The Irreversible Punitive Judgment from God comes after God has exercised His long-suffering for a time, directed towards his chosen steward vessels, and waiting for humanities repentance, Romans 2:4-6, II Peter 3:9-10. When they do not repent the transition starts ending with the punitive judgment. The New dispensation that started at the beginning of the transition remains through the transition in its infancy, until the completion of the irreversible punitive judgment, which ends the old dispensation, and where the new dispensation takes full operating force.

Irreversible - permanent, irreparable, irretrievable, unalterable, Irrevocable, irremediable, irreversible.
Judgment, - ruling, decision, finding, verdict, sentence, conclusion, result, decree.
Long-suffering, - forgiving, resigned, tolerant, accommodating, patient, selfless.
Punitive, - disciplinary, castigatory, penal, corrective, retaliatory, retributive, retributory, punishing.
Wrath, - anger, rage, fury, ire, madness, displeasure, vexation, wroth, displeased, sad, indignation, grieved.

A consequence of his wrath is vengeance, punishment, and death. The word that best describes God's wrath needs to be chosen according to the context of the Scripture and God's love. All the irreversible punitive judgment can be described as God's wrath in response to what type of punitive judgment, duration, and changes.

The following six dispensations ending with an irreversible punitive judgment, and the Scripture Verses documenting the ending of each dispensation. The seventh dispensation does not fail, it goes on for eternity, (The Dispensation of the Fullness of Time).

1. In the Dispensation of Innocence, the final judgment event was the expulsion from the Garden of Eden, Genesis 3:22-24. This was the irreversible judgments, and punitive. Humanity's failure of disobedience brought judgment that ends the dispensation. The climax of this judgment comes from God directly without using the instrument of humanity in bringing about the irreversible punitive judgment. Adam and Eve who were the representatives of the human race brought punitive judgment on the whole human race and creation, Romans 5 and 8.

God expelled Adam and Eve from the Garden, and commanded the entrance to be guarded by an angel called a Cherubim, so there was no ability for humanity to enter on their own volition, Genesis 3:24. The personnel walk with God changed, and the potential of eating from the tree of Life was gone without a person's death first, and the eternal state of a person's redemption.

The sin of disobedience was the trigger, which bought about the destructive action. Before the trigger, leading up to the failure, there was the ability of Adam and Eve to move in one direction or the other. God created, and instituted the ability for humanity to be able to make a cognitive choose. Prior to the eating of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil humanity was given the chose to eat from approved trees in the Garden of Eden, and two important trees were there, the one they chose that was forbidden, and the other one they could have freely eaten was the Tree of Life. All the way up to this present day humanity has the ability to choose, also called free-will.

The other action they demonstrated was a lack of trust, they truly did not trust God, and having confidence in His judgment. They exercised a lack of trust by choosing to act upon the lie of Satan, and by their behavior accusing God, that He could not be trusted, He was withholding something good from them, and that He was a liar about the results of eating of the forbidden tree, when God said, humanity would die if they ate of the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil. The result of their action sent a lying message to the human race that humanity knows what is better than their creator.

There was a refusal of submission to the chain of command of God's authority. Instead of obedience to God they followed the lie of an angel cherubim, Satan, and in so doing showed their own desire to be in command. Their noncompliance brought about rebellion and disobedience to God's plan.

The lack of trust, and making a correct choose, resulted in disobedience, showing a lack of love to God their creator, and the one who sustains their life, who created them in His image. God's love was offended, who created humanity to have purpose, to work, sustaining family life, and community of relationship with each other, and Him. God gave humanity the innate command to subdue the earth, bringing it under control by an exertion of his will, accordance to His righteousness, and holiness.

Their discontentment shows ingratitude to the God of creation, the One who sustains all life, and is to be glorified. God wanting to have His creation in harmony with Him and others.

Humanity was given a perfect Garden, the earth was without fault, but the sin and the punitive judgment caused creation to long for nature to be redeemed with it decaying death that continues, leading up to the present day, Romans 8:18-23.

God's wrath can be defined as a disciplinary event in that the action for it did not annihilate humanity. In His long-suffering he accommodated humanities sin by providing a sin covering of atonement, and clothing them in his love, I John 4:19, Genesis 3:21, Romans 5:6-11. He demonstrated patient, which only an all-powerful God could perform. God shows selflessness because he could have annihilated all his creation and started again, but he sought to redeem humanity back to Himself.

Humanity is the recipient of God's mercy and grace, giving humanity the option to be clothed in his righteousness through the work he performed, by the giving of himself for the justice required for the sin of humanity, providing the redemption sacrifice needed, for each human, Romans 5:6-12, and he is offering it, for each individual making it a chose to be received, forgiving each man and woman, giving a personal kinship.

He concludes with a new dispensation taking full control that he had already planned in eternal past for humanity; His ruling was with irrevocable events in the environment to prevent eternal destruction, protecting humanity, for if He had not humanity would not be redeemable, for if they had stayed in the Garden of Eden and ate of the Tree of Life they would have remained in their fallen state for all eternity.

Before moving unto the next dispensation, a look at the angels of God needs to be briefly discussed. God created the Angels to minister to humanity who would inherit salvation, Hebrews 1:7, 14. Angels knew their responsibility from creation, and Lucifer in his pride gave a false and deceitful directive or recommendation to Eve in the Garden of Eden, lying to Eve about the truth of God's command given to her for all humanity, Satan's sin is recorded in Ezekiel 28:14-15, Isaiah 14:12-15, and Genesis 3:1-7, 14,15. Lucifer, also called Satan, was in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve, and they did not show any improper expression to his appearance, Ezekiel 28:11-15. A third of the Angel fell or corrupted themselves with Satan, Revelation 12:3-4, 9, Revelation 1:20, Jude 1:6, fallen Angels are called demons, stars, or spirits. We are still opposed by spiritual beings, or fallen angles, Ephesians 6:10-13, II Corinthians 11:14. Fallen Angels and Satan or the devil are eternally dammed, Mathew 25:41, Hell and the Lake of fire was created for him, and his fallen Angels that followed him, Revelation 20:10.

2. The Dispensation of Conscience - the universal flood with its event brought God's long-suffering to an end, and resulting in the irreversible punitive judgment, ending the Dispensation of Conscience. The climax of this penal judgment, the worldwide flood is from God directly in bringing about the irreversible punitive judgment, Genesis 6:13, 17, 7:11, 17-23, II Peter 2:4, 5, Matthew 24:37- 42, Luke 17:27- 36.

This punitive judgment was against humanity for their deep wicked corruption. The sons of God, (fallen angels, or giants) intermarried with the daughters of humanity that resulted in complete wickedness of the human race. Some try to identify the sons of God as the descendant of Cain, if they had been then they would have been completely destroyed with the worldwide flood, but they appeared after the flood, Nephilim - Genesis 6:2-4; Numbers 13:33. Whenever you seem them in scripture, they are evil, against God's people causing wickedness. The Word of God makes it quite clear believers are not to marry nonbeliever, II Corinthians 6:14, or have improper relationship with animals or seek foreign unions in fulfillment with self or of the same sex, Leviticus 18:1-23; Exodus 20:14; Romans 1. God created the marriage bed holy, Hebrews 13:4, for fulfilling in procreation, marriage enjoyment, and intimacies of oneness, companionship. When a man and woman marry they become one, there is a spiritual union of the two, not just a physical, I Corinthians 6:18-20; Romans 1:18-32; Acts 15:29; I Corinthians 5:1-5; 5:9-11; 6:1-9; 10:8; Galatians 5:19; Ephesians 4:19; 5:3; I Thessalonians 4:3-7; I Peter 4:1-3; Revelations 2:14-23.

During the transition, from the time God observed the wickedness of humanity, up to the event of God closing the door to the ark, humans had the time to repent, but there is no indication that anyone did, and the wrath of God came upon them all, and they all perished in their sin, except one family.

The worldwide flood brought death to all except Noah's family, for he found grace in the long-suffering love of God for the propagation of the human race, Genesis 6:8, Hebrews 11:7, I Peter 3:20, II Peter 2:5. God could have taken Noah and his family directly to heaven, but He did not.

The worldwide flood occurred about 1,656 years from creation, Genesis 5 and 7:6-11. Matthew 24:37- 42, says the end of the punitive judgment for the Dispensation of Promise and for the non-believer from the Dispensation of Grace will be an irreversible punitive judgment for the dispensations, "so also will the coming of the Son of Man, --- as in the days before the flood, --- took them all away, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be".

3. The Dispensation of Human GovernmentMan’s failure brings God's irreversible punitive judgment, with the changing of the languages, and the scattering of humanity, this confounded their efforts of a false one world religion system. The changes caused the language difference causing humanity to disperse from their efforts, creating a check and balance on each other. The climax of this judgment is from God directly without using the instruments of man that brought about the irreversible punitive judgment. At this junction God planned choosing one of the families to bring about redemption, Genesis 11.

This dispensation has a short activated time before the failure and judgment, lasting somewhere about 390 years before the choosing of Abraham. Remember a dispensation is not controlled by time, but controlled by God's long-suffering over humanities sin, showing His mercy and grace in His plan to redeem humans, Genesis 10:10 -11:26.

In chapter ten, we previous explained humanities failure relating to false worship, self-centered pride, and by uniting all humanity to join in the false efforts of religion. Humanity united against God by establishing a false religion, creating a city and tower at Shinar, called the Tower of Babel for reaching the heavens, recorded in Genesis chapter nine through eleven.

The whole earth had been reestablished from the time of Noah and his three sons. It is recorded that Noah was still alive during this dispensation and its failure, Genesis 9:28 "And Noah lived after the flood three hundred and fifty years".

Peleg who was a fourth great grandson of Shem, and after the birth of Peleg's son Reu, Peleg lived another 209 years. The difference from the 390 years mentioned above is 181 years, therefore, if the reference that, "the earth was divided," refer to the time of God's irreversible punitive judgment occurring, then Peleg lived through the judgment, and into the years of Abram's early years before he died, Genesis 10:25, 11:19.

Our Lord God expresses His displeasure over humanities efforts in their self-directive, seeking to becoming independent, and refusing His leading for worship, He showed mercy again in His wrath by not punitively judging with fury, but giving grace in His actions. God still with open arms allow humanity to correctly respond to Him as their creator and one who sustains life, to know Him, and the love that only He could give. It will be seen that in the next dispensation God will reveal a worship system. This system, the Mosaic Law, will fulfill the requirement needed for proper worship in relationship with the God of eternity until Jesus Christ. This plan would fulfill a person's needs, for the atoning regeneration system of redemptive, which was needed to meet the holy requirement for salvation before Christ, who would finish His plan later for redemption and worship by the gospel. The Lord Jesus Christ fulfilled the plan for the eternal forgiveness of every human for whoever would respond to God's incarnation provision, and God is to be worship through the LORD.

God's accommodating willingness to provide life sustaining leadership for humanities livelihood, humanity failed in appropriate worship and obedience. The descendants of Noah failed to keep the God of their existence in proper endearment in their action.
God's disciplinary punishment, and unalterable ruling in His decision scattered the world population by changing their languages and choosing one line of humanity, Abram, and the development of a Nation through him to bring to humanity the savior of the world for anyone who would appropriate His sacrifice for themselves.

The dispensation changed by the introduction of the person Abram, and Scripture starts revealing this new administration, the Dispensation of Promise, (The guiding principles in the previous chapter, chapter 11, describes this transition period that all dispensations have in common, showing the ending of one dispensation, and the full control of the new dispensation).

4. The Dispensation of Promise - God now uses one chosen Nation, Jacob's twelve children in the formation of His chosen people, through the lineage of Abram, whose name was changed to Abraham. The Bible dedicates the largest Biblical record to this dispensation with the chosen Nation Israel, and it is a pivotal dispensation in completing God's eternal plan of redemption. After many disciplinary incidents in Israel's history, there are three that qualify leading to the irresistible punitive judgment on the Nation of Israel, before the final judgment occurring in the future, and going into the next dispensation. The three events was Israel's rejection of God the Father, God the Son and then God the Holy Spirit, all three occurred before the irreversible judgment was complete, and the new dispensation began, which was not prophesied during the Dispensation of Promise.

Israel had the opportunity to repent all the way up to the time of the stoning of Steven, Acts 7, at which time they lost their prominence as the exclusive chosen stewards with the presentation of the Gospel to the world. Yes, the Bible is written by men inspired by the Holy Spirit and they were Jewish, but the Nation as a whole lost their position in the chain of spiritual leadership, which was irreversible until the Mystery Dispensation of Equality is completed, (Also call the Dispensation of Grace), and ends with the Rapture.
The final punitive aspect, the Tribulation period of the irreversible judgment with the Dispensation of Promise has been postponed, and overlaid until the Mystery Dispensation is complete. The final irreversible punitive judgment, which ended the Nation of Israel's unique position, and their position they could have had, was with the stoning of Steven. With the stoning, the Nation lost their stewardship, and because of the stoning the gentiles continued their oppression.

Examining Steven's relationship to this final judgment, his spiritual relationship to God as recorded, represented the filling with the Holy Spirit, Acts 6:10. The rejection of the Holy Spirit convicting, Israel as a Nation committed the unpardonable sin, directed to the existing Nation of Israel; they lost the potential they would have had, and never in their lifetime would they be able to restore this relationship. If they had listened, and repented they could have been God's stewards of the gospel of Lord Jesus Christ as a Nation to the world, Matthew 12:32; Acts 7:51, 55; 28:23-29.

The three event of Israel's rejection of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, led to the irreversible Punitive Judgment on the Nation of Israel, which caused the laying aside the Nation, as the nation as the primary dispensers or stewards in preaching the Gospel to the world. After the Rapture and at the end of the seven-year tribulation period, only a remnant of Israel will be chosen that had been saved during the period of the seven-years, which will repopulate the new Nation of Israel, going into the Dispensation of the Kingdom, Isaiah 10:20-23; 11:10-11; 28:5; Zephaniah 3:8-20. Israel the Nation at this time will be inserted back into God's plan, and God will fulfill His promises to the Nation of Israel, made from this remnant in the Dispensation of the Kingdom.

The Dispensation of Grace is a continuation of the period called "The Time of the Gentiles". The ending of the "Time of the Gentiles" will end with the seven years of tribulation spoken about in the Book of Revelation, ending the aspect of the punitive portion of the dispensation, and the Battle of Armageddon occurring. It is notable this period of the gentiles is plural, showing that this period of the gentiles was punitive on them as a Nation of rejecters, and with a multiple gentiles oppressive events, the Bible records this history of the Nation of Israel. This period of the gentiles started with the captivity.

Israel's downfall began with Israel rejection of God the Father, Isaiah 63:16 cf. v. 10. The Captivity, reveals the anger of God for the Nation Israel's ungodly behavior, Israel's rejection of God the Father, was demonstrated in the exile of Israel, Deuteronomy 32:6,18, II Samuel 7:12-14, I Kings 15:24, I Chronicles 17:11-14; 22:10, 28:6; 29:10, Psalms 89:26, Isaiah 9:6; 63:16; 64:8, Jeremiah 3:4; 31:9, Malachi 1:6; 2:10; Matthew 5:16; Isaiah 60:10-11.

The second downfall was their rejection of the Son, Jesus Christ as Lord, John 1:11, the wrath of God that the New Testament speaks of is to be expressed in judgments on the wicked, rebellious covenant people, Matthew 21:23-46, their leadership, and upon those who refuse to believe in and accept Jesus Christ as the Savior of the world, John 3:36. With the crucifixion of our LORD, humanity showed the depth of the evil within our heart by the viciousness of the murder on an innocent person. It went to show what wickedness one could do being self-centered when there is disagreement. The Nation of Israel with the instrument of the gentiles performed this evil, and was deserving of irresistible punitive judgment, but our Lord said, "Father forgive them, for they know not what they are doing". God showed mercy and grace by not exercising His Holy Righteous and just privilege of judgment on the Nation of Israel and humanity, if His Love for His creation was not great, John 3:16; Romans 5:7-10. God definitely demonstrated His love by restraining His wrath, offering repentance to the steward Nation, and the wanting to extend forgiveness to the gentiles by using the Nation of Israel upon repentance. Israel was offered forgiveness and a continuation of their stewardship, but they refused, Matthew 2, Acts 2:14-44, Acts 3:12-15, Act 7.

(The arrogant heart with Self–righteous justification that gives excuses for the evil, an ungodly nation, and the depth of depravity on others, depravity extends so deep in its degrees of unrighteousness, it is endless, writing laws of misfortune, it prescribes evil, robbing others, taking what does not belong to them, not giving justice to those who are in need by providing a mediator, and Killing the only hope of humanity by not helping the needy, when our LORD Jesus Christ was rejected and crucified, Isaiah 10:1-3.)

The third event was the rejection of God the Holy Spirit, first came the warning, announcing the penalty of such a rejection, Matthew 12:32, and then the actual historic event of their rejection of the Holy Spirit, Acts 7:51,55; 13:46; 28:23-29; Romans 11, after the rejection the seven-year tribulation period would have occurred, the
70th week of Daniel, Daniel 9:24-27, Matthew 24, Daniel 12, Isaiah 13:13; 14:6, Revelation 19:11-21, Deuteronomy 29, Revelation 1-19. The irreversible consequence of the Nation of Israel and the rejecting the Holy Spirit's calling to repent, opened the door for God's Mystery Dispensation to be revealed, and the continuation of the gentles oppression. God judged the Nation Israel for their refusal to repent, and accept the Messiah under the Holy Spirit's call for repentance, which brought about the irresistible punitive judgment.

The climax of this judgment is from God directly, and by using the instruments of humans, He accomplishes the irreversible punitive judgment.

5. The Dispensation of Grace also called the Equality and the Mystery Dispensation - Ends with the Rapture, where the unregenerate are left behind going into the seven-year Tribulation, and the transformed believers are taken to be with the Lord Jesus Christ in the rapture. With the irreversible judgment the believer will be taken out of the world who are filled with the Holy Spirit. This leaves a void for all the wickedness to be loosened by Satan on the world population, and all the event of the book of Revelation is carried out in their order, and ending with the battle of Armageddon. God's wrath comes on non-believers left behind to face the irreparable, irreversible punitive judgment. The non-believers from the Dispensation of Grace all die during this time, not able to repent and receive the mercy and grace our Lord Jesus offered them as a gift, without human works before the Rapture, Romans 11:17-28, I Thessalonians 5:1-9 and II Thessalonians 2, cf. I Thessalonians 4:13-18. Those who rejected after hearing the gospel, before the Rapture will die sealing their destiny, never being able to go back to the opportunity that they had passed up for salvation, II Thessalonians 2:8-12. The Rapture event ends the dispensation for believers, and those left behind enter the prophesied tribulation and die during it, or die by the final battle called the Battle of Armageddon.

The climax of this judgment is from God directly without using the instruments of man in bringing the irreparable punitive judgment.

The Rapture ends the Dispensation of Grace, and the transition into the next dispensation, running together with the irreversible punitive judgment that was postponed from the Dispensation of Promise being fulfilled then, which was prophesied for the Nation of Israel. After the Rapture, prophecy picks up where it was overlaid by the Mystery Dispensation of Equality. Remember the Dispensation of Grace was not foretold before, and it was revealed fully to the Apostle Paul for the new dispensation, Galatians 1:11; 1: 12- 24; 2:1-10; Colossians 1:24-26, Romans 16:25, Ephesians 3:1, 9, Acts 9:15; 26:12-23. (Not that the other apostles were not told of the new working of God in it fullness, but they only were given that God was saving the gentiles, along with them, Act 10; Acts 15; Ephesians 3:5).

The unregenerate after the Rapture, and transition comes to an end is where
Matthew 24:37- 42, says the end of the punitive judgment for the Dispensation of Promise, and for the nonbeliever from the Dispensation of Grace will be an irreversible punitive judgment relating to both dispensations, culmination in the Battle of Armageddon, Revelation 16:16 where our Lord Jesus Christ physical returns to earth and rules, Revelation 19:11-23. All the nonbeliever will be sent to hell because no nonbeliever enters the Kingdom Dispensation of the Kingdom. The ones who were taken in the punitive judgment in Noah's days were the unrighteous and only righteous Noah and his family was saved. In the Battle of Armageddon only the believers of God, those transformed during the tribulation will enter the Dispensation to repopulate the earth.

Earlier in this chapter, Angels were discussed in the Dispensation of Conscience with humanities fall before the irreversible judgment of the flood, and the Lord uses this as an example in Matthew 24, of His second coming to earth. The question is, are they acting the same way in the destruction of the human race?

A study of angels will show that they influence humans on their decisions they make in their lives, Ephesians 6:10-13, II Corinthians 11: 13-15, I Corinthians 7:5.
Whenever you seem fallen angels in scripture, they are evil, against God's people causing wickedness. The Word of God makes it quite clear believers are not to marry nonbeliever, II Corinthians 6:14-16 or have improper relationship with animals or seek foreign unions in fulfillment with self or of the same sex, if one does it is like having a relationship with Satan, and the darkness which accompanies such a relationship.

The Bible in the book of Jude mention the working of fallen angels in the lives of humanity in the previous dispensation, in Jude's present dispensation, and in the book of Revelation there is a constant interaction with these dark forces. So along with the I Timothy 4:1-5, II Timothy 3:1-7, and Romans 11 the failures of the Dispensation of Grace is fully seen, and the long-suffering of our Lord coming to an end. The reason for Satan abhorring the human race is his hatred of those redeemed, because they become children of the eternal God through adoption, taking the place above angels in the chain of command do to Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ provided adoption as a child of God to as many as receive Him, receiving Him as Lord and savior, Matthew 1:21, John 1:12, Romans 8:16-21.

Therefore, at the Rapture, believers are taken to be with our Lord Jesus Christ, and the unregenerate are left on earth to go through the judgment of Revelation, ending with Matthew 24 being fulfilled, being sent to hell in the Battle of Armageddon.

6. The Dispensation of the Kingdom on Earth - is the thousand-year reign of the Messiah, the Lord Jesus. The end of this dispensation, Christ casts those who were born during the Millennium, who rejected Christ in the Kingdom dispensation, and all unregenerate in hell into the Lake of Fire, Revelation  20:7-15. This judgment is punitive and irreversible called, "the Great White Throne Judgment". Humanity’s failure brings God's judgment that will end the dispensation.

Just before the court account there is a battle called the battle of Gog and Magog, Revelation 20:7-9, Ezekiel 38:2, 18-23. The ending of the battle, Satan who deceived the world is cast into the Lake of Fire and Brimstone where the beast and the false prophets, who were there already. The beast and false prophets will be thrown into the Lake of Fire at the ending the Battle of Armageddon this will begin the fullness of the thousand-year dispensation, Revelation 20:10; 19:19-20.

The climax of this judgment is from God will be directly without using the instruments of man bringing the irreversible punitive judgment.

7. The Dispensation of the Fullness of Time also called the Kingdom of God, has no punitive judgment. All evil will for eternity be done away with, and the redeemed will live forever, living in the holiness, righteousness and being justified. There will be a new heaven and earth, all the redeemed, believing humanity will live as God created them to live, in His image, but now redeemed by the blood Jesus Christ provided, Revelation 21-22. All this will be subjected under the Godhead, which is submitted in the order of leadership, I Corinthians 15:25-28.


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