Lesson 1

Follow-up after Salvation the Savior and Free Gift

Follow-up Memory Verse John 3:16

Jesus Christ as savior and The free Gift of Eternal Life

Find the answers in the reading and the
scriptures found in the follow-up lesson.

1. What did Jesus Christ come into the world to do, John 1:29.

2. How were sins taken away by Jesus Christ, John 19:17,18?

3. The moment you believed in Jesus Christ what happened, John 5:24.

4. Fill in the blanks with your name and memorize.

"For God so loved that He gave His one and only  Son (Jesus Christ), because believes in Him (Jesus Christ) shall not perish but have eternal  life." John 3:16

5. John 6: 47 says he who believes has what type of life?

6. What happens to those who do not believe in Christ?

a. John 3:18

b. John 3:36

7. Jesus Christ says in John 14:6 " I am the and the and the ."

8. Can we come to God in any other way than through 
Jesus Christ John 14:6?

9. Write how you know that your sins are forgiven and that you have eternal life.




10. When does a person become God’s child, John 1:12

11. Who is the him in this passage, John 1:12?

12. What assurance do you now have that you are a child of God,  John 10:27-29?

13. If you keep Jesus Christ’ s commandments He promises what, John 14:21?

14. Who has He promised to send to help you, John 14:26?

15. John 5:24 "I tell you the truth,
whoever my word (Jesus Christ)
and him (The Father)
who sent me (Jesus Christ)
has life and will
not be ; he
has crossed over from death to life."

16. When Thomas saw Jesus Christ
after His resurrection what did he
John 20:28-31? Then Jesus told
him, "Because you have seen me,
you have believed; blessed are those
who have not seen and yet have
believed."  Jesus did many other
miraculous signs in the presence
of his disciples, which are not
recorded in this book. But these
are written that you may believe
that Jesus is the Christ, the Son
of God, and that by believing
you may have life in his name.

17. In John 1:1 who is the WORD?

18. In John 1:14, did the WORD
become a man?

19. Then who is the WORD in,
John 1:14? Who is also
identified as God according to,
John 1:1?

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Lesson 1 Follow-up after Salvation the Savior and Free Gift

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