Access Women's Center - Medical Center
Address: 2701 E Washington Ave,
Madison, WI 53704

Phone: (608) 241-8153
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Stephanie Larsen - Access Women's Center Madison Wisconsin

Hello! We closed the Center on March 16th due to covid-19 & reopened on June 1st. We had a new client who spoke Spanish, unfortunately our Spanish speaking volunteer has been ill so due to a language barrier we have lost touch with her. God has opened a door for us to get back into contact with a previous client. She has now come in twice to do a Learn & Earn with us! We love to see God's words start making sense to the lost. Pray for her soul to accept Jesus Christ as her personal savior. The last activity I can report is a homeless man came in last week asking to use the restroom. When he came out of the bathroom he took a good look around the facilities and asked if we are Christian. After our quick reply of "Yes" he asked us what Christians are doing about the homeless problem in Madison, what is the church doing? Much was said & honestly after asking him many questions he just wants someone or some organization to take care of his housing needs & has excuses as to why he can't work. (Valid as they may be or not) He does not want to take responsibility for the choices he has made through the years that has brought him to this place in time. He came in today to cool off from the heat & vented more of his hurt but still not ready to hear about the love that the Lord Jesus Christ has for him personally. Please pray for this man's burdens, sinful nature, protection & provision. May he see God move in his life today. May he have ears to hear & eyes to see.

Thank you for praying for this ministry!

Yours in Christ,
Stephanie Larsen

Baptist for Wisconsin