Acts 20:24 But I do not account my life of any value nor as precious to myself, if only I may finish my course (race) and
the ministry that I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God. (ESV)
Team Jesus Racing Ministry
March 2017
2017 Schedules
Jefferson Speedway opener is April 29th. Other highlights are May 27th when ARCA Midwest Tour is there; June 24th for the Badgerland Challenge; July 22nd TUNDRA Series with Midwest Truck. I like the regular 6 division nights as they weekly go two, three and four wide in three and four and I am not kidding. The season wraps up at Jefferson on September 14-17 with the 37th Annual Wisconsin State Championship
Madison International Speedway opens with the ARCA Midwest Tour on May 7th joined by Midwest Trucks and Mid Am Stock Car Series. Regular Friday racing start May 19th and runs until championship night on September 1st. Other highlights June 23 ARCA is in town going under the lights for the first time at MIS. June 30th is the huge firework night. July 28th is Must See Spirits. August 4th is the Badgerland Challenge.
ARCA Midwest Tour opens May 7th at MIS. They are running 12 events across the Midwest.
Big 8 Series opens with the April 23rd at Rockford Speedway. 8 events covers the summer that closes at Fest.
Midwest Truck Series starts the 2017 season at MIS on May7th and 15 events fill their season that also closes at Fest.
Mid American Stock Car Series kicks off their 25th season at the 40th Spring Classic at Rockford with the Big 8 and have 12 events on their schedule that ends with Fest.
Tundra Super Late Series starts in May with a trip to WIR and rounds out it’s six race season at the Dells on September 24th.
Not that we will cover all this but we will be praying for safety throughout the season.
Hope you become followers and stay in prayer with and for us.
Big prayer needed in two areas. I am looking at a different job that would change my work schedule and effect the events we are able to get to. Pray for discernment. Speaking of which pray with us and for us to have insight as to what tracks and events we can get to and cover.
RV update
Well I would like to tell you there have been some big breakthrough on the RV but as of this writing nothing. The RV is still in need of being sold and no new RV on the horizon, nor very much growth in the savings for a new RV. We are just patiently waiting on the LORD and His sovereign plan and will to be revealed.
Family update
Super proud of the Five! Here are some highlights from the last couple of months. The two little guys went to several doors one evening and gave tracts out. Lonyea got up after we had lunch on State Street and witnessed to a couple of college age kids that were asking religious questions to each other but clearly loud enough for others to hear pointing them to the Bible. Manny shared the hope we have in Jesus with several of his teammates. And Rayna has witnessed in her soft loving way at work. Also Rayna is very close to receive Awana’s highest award. SO COOL!
In sports Manny made sections as a freshman; Lonyea played on an undefeated team; Jeremiah is get his highest score to date in Level 8 gymnastics. Daniel continues to play piano at church and picking up whatever instrument he can get his hands on.
Upcoming Events
April 23rd – 40th annual Spring Classic at Rockford Speedway
May 7th – ARCA Midwest Tour and Mid Am and Midwest Super Trucks at Madison International Speedway.



Team Jesus Racing Ministry
December 2016
2016 Recap
40+ events
18 chapels
3 different states
5 different tracks
That is way down from last year as we were committed to MIS on Friday nights and Jefferson on Saturday. That really limits getting out with the touring series.
Served in a limited way 8 different series (just 3 ARCA Midwest Tour; 4 Big 8; Mid Am events)
We miss the touring but the open door at Jefferson cannot be ignored. Hopefully we will see some solid fruit come out of the effort.
RV update
Cindy has spent a lot of time trying to sell our RV and find something that would work for us. So far nothing either side. We have had a bunch of calls but no one serious on what we have heard is a then fair price. Also, Cindy’s search has come up empty. We are leaning on the LORD for both and know it is His timing. We are setting aside dollars to be ready when God opens up the right RV. Cindy is convinced we need more room and that God will provide that.
We would ask for prayer in these areas:
Discernment, we are trying to discern what track(s) and series to be involved with this coming up season.
Next, healing in the family. Pray for Cindy’s parents, my brother-in-law, and Cindy. All struggling with different health issues.
Third, pray for discernment on the RV.
And pray that the words would reach hearts in need. That the Bible messages would find their way into lives.
Family update
Cindy has had many years of struggles with different health issues. This year is no different. Some tests were run and indicate there are some numbers of concern where we need to watch for cancer. One set being watch is over 8. At 10 action (chemo) is taken.
Jeremiah has really improved in his reading which is good to see. He is doing a good job in Awana and looking forward to the upcoming gymnastics season. He did really well in several disciplines.
Daniel is doing well in school and very well in Awana! His gifting in music amazes me. He picks up an instrument and in a day or two is playing a song or hears a song and is playing it on the piano. He has played at church a couple of times now.
Manny is up and down in school. He is very smart and can get things quickly when he puts his mind to it. Awana is a great example. He crushed his book and memory work way ahead of schedule. He has really enjoyed working out at Advance, finished 6th at State freestyle, and has a very good start to his high school wrestling career.
Lonyea is also improving a lot in her reading. She has a great heart of care and giving. Her basketball season last spring was going well and she was scoring big in many games. Toward the end of the season she took a tough shot in the foot and ankle and ended up needing surgery again. This one cost her a lot of time off the court and the recovery has been slow. She is playing for DeForest this year. Seems to be having fun but really misses the homeschool team.
Rayna is finishing up school. She is doing great at Awana and is on pace to receive their highest award that only a small percentage of people ever get. She has a job that works really well for her and has already received a bonus and a raise.
Upcoming Events
None scheduled at this time
Hope you become followers and stay in prayer with and for us.