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Twists and Turns

When we last wrote an update, we were just days away from returning to Mibu as a family for the holidays.  We were excited and looking forward to seeing our friends there again, and introducing a new friend to the land of Mibu that we so love. However, just a day or so after that update went out, we sat down to go over some last minute details, only to discover that we did not have the funds that we thought we did.  Due to a combination of unforeseen expenses, a bit lower monthly income, and what can sometimes be a time warp in moving funds from one side of the globe to another, we simply didn't have the money to make the rather expensive trip in as a family.  We were so disappointed, and yes, there were tears.  Our family started asking the question "why?"


Getting ready to go on the helicopter

Emergency evacuation for Mibu girl who was stabbed in the eye a couple days before Christmas.

Meanwhile, in Mibu...

One of our Bible teacher's little girls was watching her auntie clear some ground with her bush knife--a common enough thing for a little 2 year old in Mibu to do. However, somehow little she came too close, and as her auntie went to swing the knife, the very tip of it sunk deep into her left eyeball.  She immediately passed out from the pain, and then suffered through a couple of days and nights of pain and fear.  Her parents immediately started praying.  Her dad was slated to help with teaching at one of the outreach churches.  Should he go?  Should he stay?  Would his little girl need to be taken to get medical attention? After praying, the family decided that he should go on with the teaching - he'd only be gone 2 days.  So he left, and mom continued to care for their injured little girl.

Once he returned, Dad learned that his daughter was suffering from fevers, and her eye was swollen, adding even more to her pain and discomfort.  He went up to the office near our houses, and sent us an email letting us know of the accident.  It was probably around this time that he was getting word that we were not going to be able to come in as planned. He knew that she needed to get to medical attention - a thought that was seconded by us and our mission Dr. once we learned what had happened. He started to count the cost of taking her down to the coast for medical care.  He and his family did not have enough cash on hand for such a journey. He asked around to those who owed him money, and none of them had cash on hand to help either.  Even the church was low on cash at the moment.  How helpless he must have felt.  How helpless WE felt!  He sent another email asking us and those we knew to PRAY.

So we did.  We prayed.  We made the need known on Facebook, and many of YOU prayed.  And God's hand started to move.  Christmas Eve, enough people had asked about helping to pay for a emergency helicopter flight that we started investigating possible scenarios.  We announced that we would be raising funds to get this precious little girl out to medical care and about 12 hours later, we had the promised $2,500 that was needed.  We set up a flight to happen the day after Christmas. Chris was able to go in with the pilot to get them. We ended up adding a passenger in the form of one of our dear land-owners who has been sick for months.  They all made their way out to us here in Goroka, and in to the hospital.  The little girl was admitted to the hospital (her mom and dad both got to stay with her), and proceeded to charm the nurses in the eye ward for the next 3 weeks.  Once there, she was put on antibiotics, and an eye wash regimen.  Due to one delay after another, the three of them stayed in the hospital for 3 long weeks before seeing the eye surgeon to find out of she would get to keep her eye.  During that time, it was amazing to see the peace and joy that radiated from them as they rested in the knowledge that GOD had done this (getting them out to medical care). They were humbled by those who helped to make it happen, and we had some sweet times of fellowship with them as we shared some of what was going on with some of you who had helped, and they prayed for you, even as many of you were praying for them.  They had countless opportunities to witness to the nurses in the ward (they were the only patients the whole 3 weeks they were there), and some of the other patients they met in their walks around the hospital.  Even as the time wore on, and they were so far outside what was familiar to them, and they still had no answers about their daughter's eye, their peace and joy remained evident.


In the hospital

Nearly daily visits to the hospital.  She started looking and acting more and more herself as the days went on.

Finally, the Dr. was in town, the hospital staff strike was over, and he was able to see and inspect the little girl's eye.  By this time, the antibiotics had cleared up the infection, and the Dr. declared that though she will never see from the eye, for now there's no reason to surgically remove it.

SO, why did God close the door for us to go into Mibu as a family over Christmas?  Perhaps we'll never know all the reasons, but the privilege to get to help our dear brother and sister out in tangible ways while they stayed in the hospital with their daughter was reason enough for us to find contentment in the last minute change of plans.  The trio are all now back in Mibu with their faith grown a bit too.  Dad has shared how this whole event has shown him just how much God cares for him and his family.  How thrilling to see a brother's faith enlarged!

Furlough Plans

We have our tickets!!  Well, we've paid for them and a travel agent has confirmed our booking.  Looks like we will be home for all of June and the months to follow!  We found very decent rates for the tickets (thank you travel agent), so that is one answer to prayer!  We also have a house to stay in (another answer to prayer).  The next big thing on the list is vehicles. We will need one large enough for our family and luggage to make road trips (thinking a van of some kind), and a second car for when our family needs to divide and conquer our responsibilities. Pray with us that God would lead us to the perfect, reliable vehicles for this coming year, and the funds to purchase them. Chris is now ready to start filling in our speaking schedule so get your calendars ready and let us know if any dates in particular are good for you!

New g

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Because of Him,

Chris, Angie, Jael, Baruch, and Titus Walker

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